Construction Estimating & Cost Management Services

Quantity Surveys –
► Accurate takeoffs from owner supplied blueprints and specifications.

Complete Estimates –
► Conceptual estimates based on proposed building square footage, general type of construction material, and usage of various areas of the building.
► Schematic Design estimates based on architect’s 30% drawings.
► Design Development estimates based on architect’s 60% drawings.
► Construction Document estimates based on architect’s 90% to 100% drawings.

Project Cost Control –
► Assistance in developing list of alternates to assure project will fit within the owner’s budget.
► Review of CMAR contractor’s initial fee proposals for general conditions, overhead, and profit.
► Review of CMAR contractor’s proposals for direct construction costs.
► Review of the contractor’s Schedule of Values prior to the start of construction.
► Review of payment applications.
► Audit of GMP contractor’s actual costs on Open-Book contracts.

Change Order Review –
► Review of change order pricing.

Claims Review and Analysis –
► Review of claims from both the standpoint of entitlement and cost.

Constructability Review –
► Review of the completed contract drawings, from the viewpoint of an experienced contractor, to find as many errors and discrepancies as possible and have them corrected prior to issuance of bid solicitations.

Procurement Services –
► Advise and assist in the procurement of all services required for a construction project from the initial conception through owner occupancy.

Services include:

· Request for Qualifications for Construction Management AT Risk services
· Request for Qualifications for Architectural Services
· Request for Qualifications for Engineering services
· Request for Qualifications for Select Bidders List
· Request for Qualifications for Job-Order-Contracting
· Invitation for Bid for General Construction
· Invitation for Bid for BRG Roofing Projects
· Invitation for Bid for BRG Weatherization Projects

— A Lifetime of Estimating Experience —

Aquatic Centers, Apartment Complexes, Auditoriums, Banks, Bridges, Central Plants, Chemical Processing Facilities, Churches, City Halls, College and University Buildings, Communication Centers, Distribution Warehouses, Federal Courthouses, Fine Arts Facilities, Fire Stations, Firing Ranges, Golf Clubhouses, Gymnasiums, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Jails and Prisons, Laboratories, Landfills, Libraries, Manufacturing Facilities, Medical Research Facilities, Office Buildings, Parks, Performing Arts Centers, Police Posts, Retail Stores, Roads, Schools, K-12, Sports Arenas, Strip Malls, Transportation Centers, Waste and Water Treatment Plants, Weapons Development and Test Facilities

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