Construction Estimating and Cost Management Services can save you, the client, time and money in each of the following ways:

► Conceptual estimates can help avoid setting project goals which are not attainable with the financing available and/or they can provide the information necessary to seek additional funding before incurring the expense of extensive drawing preparation.

► Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document estimates performed at sequential stages of the architect’s drawing progress can prevent project costs from unknowingly creeping upwards due to design decisions. This will reduce the cost of drawing preparation by avoiding costly revisions at the bidding stage, speed the overall delivery of the project, and will help keep the project within the original budget.

► Project Cost Control assistance in developing a list of bid alternates will give the owner flexibility to both keep the project within budget and obtain the maximum amount of desired project features that the bidding market will allow.

► Project Cost Control review of a GMP or CMAR contractor’s initial fee proposals for general conditions, overhead, and profit prior to allowing the contractor to participate in the project will prevent the owner from being held hostage to an unreasonably high fee structure throughout the project.

► Project Cost Control review of a GMP or CMAR contractor’s proposals for direct construction costs will help prevent unreasonably high cost proposals, thus allowing the owner to receive the maximum value for his project outlay.

► Project Cost Control review of Schedules of Values will help prevent unbalancing by the contractor which could lead to over-payment at various stages of the project. This could become a severe problem in cases of contractor default or if claims are filed against the contractor.

► Project Cost Control review of payment applications will help assure accurate reporting of project progress, cost wise, and prevent over-payment to the contractor as construction progresses.

► Project Cost Control audits of GMP contractor’s books at the conclusion of a project will help assure that an accurate and fair amount is credited back to the owner in cases where actual construction costs are less than the sum budgeted in the contract.

► Review of change order pricing helps prevent the owner from being overcharged for changes to the contract throughout the project.

► Claims Review and Analysis assists the owner in determining the extent of his responsibility in paying for items in question and an estimate of the fair amount of value received for those items.

► A Constructability Review of the completed contract drawings prior to issuance of bid solicitations, from the viewpoint of an experienced contractor, to find as many errors and discrepancies as possible will help eliminate areas of confusion in the bidding process that result in needless contingencies escalating the bid. Likewise, this service should greatly reduce the amount of expensive change orders and project delay due to errors and discrepancies in the drawings.

► Procurement Services can save the owner administrative costs and valuable time in many ways. In the case of School Facility Board (SFB) projects, assistance in the preparation and submittal of required forms will assure that the procurement process for the various aspects of a construction project  remains in compliance with Arizona state statutes, USFR, and Arizona state procurement rules.

► Procurement Services can provide an owner with information about, and assistance in obtaining, all sources of SFB funding available for K12 school capital maintenance projects.

► Procurement Services can include actual project management of both new construction and capital maintenance projects.

► Procurement Services can assist in preparation of a list of vendors or contractors who might be responsive to bid solicitations for material or projects at any particular location.

► Procurement Services can assist in the evaluation and completeness of proposals received for construction materials or projects.

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